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Eel enclosure Shade Wharf


  • Client: Auckland Council

About this Project

Working alongside Auckland zoo we had a little fun with this project. Made to shade the Eels that were having eye problems from sun exposure, how hard can it be to build an engineer designed structure that needs to look like its falling down.

What a great option to showcase what we can build. It Began with sourcing sustainably logged Totara and visiting the mill in Northland to get the required look and dimensions as the eels cannot be in contact with treated timber. Setting out to build a structure in an operating Avery with ducks and other birds walking and honking at you brought our crew some great work stories. Constructing the Wharf out of level and distressing it is more a movie set than a permanent structure and cutting a perfectly good boat in half for a child’s viewing seat gave this design by Rodger Drew a true zoo feel.


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